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Our diverse range of group fitness classes takes the guesswork out of planning your next workout!

Gain the benefits of working out with others in our group fitness classes

Group workouts are a fun way to work up a sweat and push yourself that little bit further than you might do on your own!

At Synergy Performance Institute we know that exercising with a group of other members is a surefire way to have more fun and to keep yourself accountable!

We offer a wide range of group exercise classes, including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), boxing, Calisthenics, Functional Trainingand the uniquely challenging mace workouts. Plus, for a slightly slower paced – but not necessarily less intense – workout, you can join us for yoga, Tai Chi, Reformer Pilates and Mobility classes.

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Most Popular


Our most structured program. Incorporates three main compound lifts. Deadlifts, Bench Press, and Back Squat. Follows an eight week cycle. Dropping reps and sets down each week to increase strength. Can be scaled to what ever level you are at.


Functional 45 minute session. Incorporates bodyweight strength, weights, cardio and core. Full body workout.


A less intense circuit class, incorporates the following 5 elements: upper, lower, core, cardio & Stability. Perfect for those with injuries, new to the gym or wanting to branch out from reformer/yoga and build confidence on the gym floor.

Group Fitness


This competition is just between you and your bag, increase your cardio endurance and expand your boxing technique. Let our qualified instructors show you the ropes, teach you killer boxing combo’s and intertwine this with conditioning body weight drills specific to boxing. A killer way to get your fitness hit. No pun intended!


Metcon is designed to get the job done. Smash it out in a 30 minutes, structured on high intensity interval training, work at 85-95% max heart rate followed by a well-deserved rest period. These workouts have had great success with improved cardiovascular performance and fat loss. Short and quick, get the job done and those endorphins kicking!


Achieve body awareness and body strength in a class that utilises minimal equipment, using skills and movements taken from gymnastics to use your own body to create resistance to gain strength, mobility and flexibility. Because you will only be using your bodyweight this class is for everyone no matter strength or skill levels. Utilise this class to gain prestigious movements such as the muscle up and handstands and see how far your body movement journey can go.


Suitable for all fitness levels our qualified team will get those muscles toned and tight in this engaging class. Get your glutes fired up and those stomach muscles tighter and feel more centered and strong after taking part in this class.


This class is designed to keep your body strong and as healthy as it can be. Combining the link between body and mind to ensure you get to understand how your body works and what it needs. From stretching, mobilization, posture and deep tissue exploration. No matter what your age, this class is designed to improve you and protect you from possible injury in the future.

Stretch Xpress

Add this 15-minute stretch class to the end of your workout to aid in recovery, reset your body and keep the body fluid. Take time to invest in you with this fantastic stretch class.


Go back to cave man days… a move like we were designed to. A ground based movement class with a focus for improving mobility, coordination and strength. It is a holistic approach to moving as naturally as possible while incorporating breathwork, stillness, rhythm and power, leave the class feeling refreshed, stronger and energized.

Primal Patterns

(Peregian Beach only)
Push, pull, squat, lunge, bend, twist, gait: learn how to move efficiently in the 7 primal patterns as well as some of the even more ancient ones like lizard crawl, frog, stork, the list goes on. Tapping into and increasing your control over these simple movements can lead to greater integration of the brain hemispheres, total body strength and stability,

Stability Ball

Peregian Beach Only
Using the Stability Ball is a great way to get the core (and whole body, actually) to do what it evolved to do: fire reflexively. Your central nervous system doesn't know muscles, it only knows movements. If you can begin to master basic movements in an unstable environment like on the Ball, then moving around in daily life becomes that much easier.


Think Breathwork combined with 3D movements incorporating elements of Balance, Stability, Reactive Strength, Coordination, Agility, Mobility and a hint of Cardio all in one. MAT FLOW welcomes everyone as there are options for every level. Remember that yesterday's response is not today's response. Listen to your body and go at your own pace, range and comfort

Synergy Kidz

Fitness is not just for us adults! Educating our children in fitness is so important and getting them moving is a must. Our aim is simple, to empower and inspire children through fitness. Classes are from 6 years – 15 years…. Regardless of their sporting ability our job is to get them to have fun and provide a positive experience.

Suspension training

Body weight training utilizes suspension equipment to work the entire body through full range of motion, thereby strengthening and conditioning your whole body. You don't lift weights or use machines - your body is the weight, your body is the machine.


Mediation in motion, in this low impact class you will rejuvenate your body and learn to create a tranquil mind. Fuel for the soul, colloquially known as "Shadowboxing," is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defence training, health benefits, and meditation.


The core is the centre of the body for a reason: it should activate reflexively to protect the spine and stabilise your movements. This class aims to activate ALL of the muscles that are involved in these processes to help your movements be natural, fluid, and reflexive, and to have the best chance possible of being stronger, more stable, and avoiding back injuries.



Power Flow Yoga is a vinyasa-style yoga class that puts together a flowing sequence of yoga poses coordinated with the movement of breath. Don't let the word "Power" alarm you - the power is from within as cues and instruction are given to find postures and proper alignment that suit you, your body and your practice.


Jane Fonda meets Shiva (God of yoga), the spice of mat Pilates to tone and tighten meets yoga stretch and mindful breath to ensure balance of stretch and strengthen for sustainable fitness. Perfect for all levels.

Restorative yoga


Just relax, melt into the stretches that Yin provides, it is good for the body and soul. Let the power of Yin help you let go and improve your flexibility and release tension and emotion. The class consists of 5 or 10 poses, each time with a different focus…. opening the shoulders, the heart space, stretching the hip area… to name a couple. Just turn up and give your body the care it deserves.

yoga nidra

Qi Gong

Qi Gong (pronounced chee-gung) is the study and practice of cultivating vital life-force through various techniques, including Breathing techniques, Postures & Meditations.


Builds warmth with slightly faster paced yoga flows, think sun salutations and expansive breath. Energising you with balance and momentum for the day to come. Great for intermediate yogis, all levels welcome.


Beginning to circulate energy and warmth finished with yin poses and holds to go a little deeper into the stretch and self, a yin and yang yoga when the body's craving movement and the mind needs a little stillness. Perfect for all levels.


Traditional vinyasa is slightly faster, moving from pose to pose, flow to flow. Welcoming you into body and present time in the first few minutes. All levels welcome.

Reformer Pilates


This class is a great place to start if you are new to Pilates or have been away from your classes for a while. We will assist you to gain a better understanding of the Pilates principles, the best positions for your body to maintain and gain core stability. A strong workout for all to gain strength and confidence at a very capable level.


This class is a good strong workout, working the entire body. With a flow to keep you moving and a focus on your positions and muscular engagement. We always work within your capability and continue to challenge your mind and body to move your workout and fitness level higher.


We anticipate our reformer classes to be extremely popular, based on the demand we will increase these classes to ensure everyone is taking advantage of these fantastic classes that are built into the class membership. Synergy offers world class instructors that will work with the class and provide progressions and modifications to suit all our members.

Jump Board

Looking for a high-energy Pilates class that will help you tone, strengthen, and burn calories? Look no further than our Jump Board Pilates class! This dynamic and challenging class is designed to get your heart rate up and your muscles firing, all while having fun. Using a special jump board attached to a Pilates reformer, you'll perform a variety of exercises that incorporate jumping and other cardio elements, along with traditional Pilates movements.
Ninja Jungle Kinda Ninja Forest Glen


These classes run in the Ninja Jungle downstairs from Synergy Performance Institute. Mon – Fri, 9am-10:30am. These are supervised play sessions for 2+ while the adults attend their Gym or Class. Parents/guardians must stay on premises whilst their child is in KindaNinja.



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