Kids Fitness

Our Kids Fitness Class is designed to turn exercise into an epic journey for your little ones.

A place for all the family to exercise and have fun!

We’re more than a ‘family friendly’ facility – we’re family focused! It’s never too early to start instilling healthy habits, so we’ve made our centre a place where you can bring the kids and lead by example.

While you’re doing your workout the kids can participate in fun filled junior classes downstairs in the Ninja Jungle.

Active Adventures: Let your kids embark on exciting fitness adventures that keep them engaged, motivated, and moving. From obstacle courses to creative games, we make staying active an absolute blast!

Physical and Mental Wellness: At Ninja Jungle, we prioritize both physical and mental well-being. Our classes promote strength, flexibility, coordination, and self-confidence while emphasizing teamwork and positive mental attitudes.

Age-Appropriate Programs: We offer classes tailored to different age groups, ensuring that every child receives a program suited to their developmental stage.

Experienced Instructors: Our certified instructors are passionate about inspiring young minds to enjoy a lifelong love for physical activity. Safety and fun are our top priorities!

Give your child the gift of fitness, adventure, and friendship. Join us and watch your little one grow stronger, happier, and healthier.

Boost your child’s fitness journey while having a blast at the Ninja Jungle.

Kids classes


Casual visits $10 each or we have packs of 10 for $80 ($8 per class).

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