Sports Perfomance

Our Sports Performance Coaches have the know-how and experience to take your game to the next level.

The skills to take you to the top of your game

Stronger, faster, harder, longer: whatever your specific sporting skill requirements, our Sports Performance Coaches can help you achieve them.

At Synergy Performance Institute there’s a reason why we have the word ‘performance’ in our name. Yes, we’re dedicated to enhancing our members’ functional movement and mobility for everyday tasks, but we are also passionate about sports and doing whatever we can to help athletes, from the everyday to the elite, gain a competitive edge in the sporting arena. Our Sports Performance Coaches embody our ‘mindful fitness’ ethos, helping you to achieve new highs both on and off the field.



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Supporting the growth of your physical and mental wellbeing

Holistic solution

Wide range of physical and mental wellbeing options under one roof to enable true ‘Mindful Fitness’

Blended approach

No element of health and wellbeing exists in a silo: we tie them all together for optimum results

Wellness for everybody

Whatever your age, ability or background, we can help you grow stronger and happier

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